Valleywide Plumbing has been servicing commercial and residential clients in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area since 1993.

We provide emergency plumbing service, maintenance, installation, remodel, additions and repair work to projects of all dimensions.

Our commitment to quick, professional, and quality work has earned us the repeated trust of our clients. Our skilled plumbers are relied upon daily by groups that manage some of the largest commercial properties in Arizona’s Phoenix metropolitan area. At the same time, they are also trusted to care for the service needs of the smallest home.

The terms Qualified, Experienced, Professionals not only describe how our technicians and office staff are, but also describes the philosophy and mentality of our company as a whole. We strive to excel at every aspect of customer service beginning with answering the phone courteously, performing the work quickly and efficiently, and ending with the lasting quality of our workmanship. We commit to be the best service, repair, maintenance and remodel plumbing company there is. Whether you need emergency service, an upgrade, remodel, or ongoing maintenance you won’t find a more competent, committed, or reliable group. With 24 hour availability we are always ready to meet your service needs.

Our Greatest marketing tool is our reputation for professionalism and excellence which we work tirelessly to maintain. Our greatest achievement is to have our clients refer us to their friends and colleagues.

Call us today to see why so many groups rely on the expertise of Valleywide Plumbing and why those clients continue calling us back when new plumbing problems arise. Look us up with the Better Business Bureau or ask about some of our current clients and see if our name doesn’t garner the respect and trust that we claim.

Experienced Phoenix Plumbers

Many Phoenix plumbing service companies can honestly describe their employees as experienced. Few companies, however, can truthfully claim that each and every one of their plumbers are actually licensed journeymen. Many of them decide that because they have been working for a number of years that the licensing requirements to become a certified journeyman no longer apply to them. In their minds they are now justified in calling themselves a journeyman plumber without having actually gone through the extra work and training that being a fully licensed journeyman entails.

To illustrate the problem with this rationalization, let’s suppose that you are a college student who has been actively pursuing a doctorate degree for 10 years. A year long internship as well as a dissertation is required in order to graduate and obtain your degree. You decide that the internship and dissertation really aren’t necessary for you. So, you decide to skip the dissertation and just start calling yourself a doctor of plumbing. You may have gained a lot of knowledge and even some experience while working through college, but a doctor of plumbing you are not.

To be licensed as a journeyman one must have at least 4 years of work experience under the supervision of a licensed master plumber. In addition to the work experience the journeyman candidate must pass a rigorous test comprised of questions covering pipe sizing and related mathematics, OSHA Codes, business laws, mechanical compression joints, and other related concepts.

When you use Valleywide, be assured that your plumber is a duly licensed journeyman plumber.